The Lost Sessions, by People Of The Cypher

Freedom Hall will be releasing what some Historians are starting to call 'The Lost Sessions'. These legendary files are said to have been made in the late 60's by a group of mysterious individuals who refer to themselves as 'People Of The Cypher' or 'P.O.T.C'. The group includes 5 members, Master Craftsman, Sir. Jackson, Kenneth Cold, Tyler Durden and Kick Coltrane. The P.O.T.C. are known to be hiding in exile at an undisclosed location. This tape will give you an intimate glimpse into the minds of these revolutionary radicals. These files date back to the early 60's, this is just the first of the many files that Freedom Hall archaeologists have found. The others are still being analyzed, mastered and put onto cassette tapes in the order in which they were found. Tune in.

Download -The Lost Sessions, by People Of The Cypher HERE

Written By Wize & James Klynn
Produced By Mahewa Wazuri, Kenny Pistol
Artwork By Jeremy(Smooth) Evans
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Freedom Hall